Sales Funnel Analysis

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How to Disrupt Your Sales Funnel for Better Results

The sales funnel leads customers through a journey. Your business should aim to change the ordinary purchasing transaction into a fun-filled festival. Guide your team toward more sales with a creative approach.

Generating sales online is a process, not a single event. To acquire customers, a variety of marketing and sales strategies must be implemented to convert prospects into paying customers.

Moreover, a business’s sales funnel is only as effective as the team that runs and maintains the sales process. According to MarketingSherpa, 57% of B2B organizations identify “converting qualified leads into paying customers” as a top funnel priority, but 65% of B2B marketers have not established
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The ideal customer profile should include more than the person’s age, gender, and job status. Demographics only offer broad descriptions of people such as, female executives aged 40-65 or mid-level managers at a consulting firm. You should strive to dig deeper.

Consider learning about your clients’ psychographics. Study their behaviors, habits, and lifestyles. Learn how they spend their money and time.


Consider analyzing customers’ complaints. Ivana Taylor, a marketing strategist, states: “When you think about it, a complaint actually uncovers what your customer is ‘committed to’ or is trying to do but doesn’t succeed. So if you uncover complaints about late deliveries, you have customers who have tight time commitments and that is a powerful profiling attribute.”
Lesson #1: SaaS Sales Funnel
Meet Jerry. He owns a custom software development company. After testing his marketing site and ads without landing any customers, Jerry sought out Lincoln Murphy of Sixteen Ventures.

Fed up with the lack of results, Jerry wanted to get moving. His initial thoughts were to reduce free trial time and set up a credit card wall. Murphy advised against this approach because punishing prospects wouldn’t increase his
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Reward Loyal Customers
Don’t get addicted to constantly wanting new leads. Break ground by rewarding your current customers with special offers and first-time access to new products. Generate more sales with the folks who love you the most.

Similar to other types of businesses, SaaS companies are susceptible to customer disloyalty. If you expect to earn recurring revenue, expect to give recurring value. By satisfying customers regularly, you decrease the risk of customer churn.

Jenna Hanington, a marketing content specialist at Pardot, suggests you consider the following three questions when making goals to increase your customer retention rates:
1. Are you actively cultivating relationships with your existing customer base, and not just with potential buyers?
2. Are you running upsell campaigns to encourage your current customers to try different products or services that you offer?
3. Do you have ways to reward loyal customers?


Lesson #5: Flow’s Delight Days
The team at Flow, a collaborative task management app, strives to make their customers smile. The staff enjoys watching their users discover something brand

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