Benefits And Setbacks Of Direct Sales

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How many of you have done direct sales? How many of you would like to do direct sales? Many of you want to know what direct sales is and how it can affect your family. I hope by the end it will help you in understanding the benefits and setbacks of direct sales and help you make a decision on if you should or shouldn’t do it.
DISCUSSION OF FINDINGS The results of this research shows why you should or shouldn’t do direct sales. It will explain several benefits to help you make a decision on if it will be good for you to do. As well as explain setbacks that you would really need to think about before you make a decision. Finally it will tell you several things that help you understand the worth of direct sales.
There are many benefits from doing direct sales. Working from home is a big reason. Every business must have a base of operation. The facilities you need often dictate where you locate this base, and where you locate has an impact on your expenses (Gerhards p.124). Working from home lets you avoid rush hour traffic, gives you the ability to make your own hours, and it can give you more money to spend with your family. In saving money, it also gives you the opportunity to write off a portion of your house for business use. Also you do not have to buy a lot of business cloths (Cribbs). A few other
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Some individuals enter direct sales believing they will immediately succeed at every aspect of their business and start with an income in the six-digit bracket (Ross p. 40). When making your decision here are four things to remember: direct sales involves selling, look for the right company with the right products for you, make sure you read the contract, or that they have a contract, and finally make sure you ask all of your questions don’t be scared to ask too many (Forbes). By now you should have a clear understanding if you should or shouldn’t do direct

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