Social Media Marketing Gold From Digital Streams Essay

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Panning Social Media Marketing Gold from Digital Streams
Panning for gold involves running lots of water through your pan, shaking the pan vigorously and letting the heavier particles settle. Social media marketing works in a similar way. You run a promotion that targets where your ideal customers can be found. You attract these prospect for your restaurant to your site and vigorously engage them to get them to settle. Once you have a captive audience, you wash away the sediment and focus on the golden nuggets that can provide your restaurant with real value.

Just like panning for gold, you can learn much about social marketing by observing how others do it. You can adapt other people 's methods and ideas, but you need your own claim or creative concept if you want to achieve real success.

Prospecting on Facebook
Facebook is the most popular of the social media and the gold standard of your marketing strategy. Ideas for promotions focus on providing interesting content to potential customers instead of trying to "sell" people on your restaurant, like traditional advertising. Best Facebook practices include:

Facebook plans to cut news feeds that are too promotional, so offer news that has real educational value for your targeted customer profile.
Consider mixing paid Facebook advertising with news releases and customer contests.
Post photos in regular link format in your text instead of burying links in your photo captions.
Share "Cup of Warmth" posts by donating warm…

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