Social Media Into The Market Segments Digital Warriors Essay

1854 Words Sep 14th, 2016 8 Pages
Marketing strategies in today’s global marketplace has evolved over the decades. Gone are the days when advertising agencies were focused on local newspapers, magazines and trade journals. According to Advertising Age, in 1999, online advertising hit the $2 billion mark with the industry earning $3 billion (1999). To further quantify this growth, compare Sterling Cooper (the fictitious ad agency from the Mad Men drama series) to social media moguls like Arvin Lal, founder of and CEO of whose gained success via Instagram earning him over 900k followers (Stewman, 2016). The impact of social media trends on marketing and advertisement has led to dramatic changes within the industry as well as an increase in jobs. It has changed how traditional marketing and advertising campaigns target their respective markets.
The purpose of this paper is to discuss the leading edge trends in integrating social media into traditional marketing and advertising campaigns. Additionally, the paper will discuss recommendations for incorporating social media into the market segments Digital Warriors is targeting i.e. Mercedes and Workhorse. Discussions on how to measure the results of these recommendations is also included. According to the Social Media Examiner’s 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 92% of marketers report that social media is important to their business and 75% of business engaging in social media activities reported an increase in traffic to their websites…

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