Essay about Social Media And Social Networking

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In our modern society today, the Internet has generated itself into nearly every aspect of our lives. Online social networks facilitate connections between people based on shared interests, values, friends, and professionals; it ties us all together. Social networking sites are attracting millions of users, many whom have incorporated these sites into their daily practice. Topics, such as: cyber bullying, identity theft, sexual predators, and many more are all said to link back to the constant problem that arises today. Throughout the social web, the user finds many benefits, difficulties, and challenges of social networking. However, depending on whom you are asking, opinions vary if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Throughout my social networking research, viewpoints on social websites will be analyzed. Additionally, advantages and disadvantages of social networking, some of the popular sites used today, as well as, the challenges that social networking conveys to us all (Bowels, 2013).
The surge in popularity of social networks in recent years has spawned new ways of being connected to the world around us. Some of the most popular networking sites include Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook is primarily used to connect with family, friends, and even groups, while LinkedIn is more for professional connections. In today’s world, these social network sites can be the main form of communication for many people. Although people use social networks for many reasons, the…

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