Cyberbullying And Social Media

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Social media consists of websites and applications that allow people to create, share or exchange information, ideas, and pictures/videos. Some common forms of social media are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Myspace, and YouTube. The growing reliance on social media and its effects on the American culture has consequently resulted in several significant negative outcomes. Social media continues to have a lasting negative impact on American society and has resulted in cyberbullying, relationship conflicts and mental and physical health issues. The need to share everything, including horrendous behaviors under the veil of anonymity and no accountability, have left many lives in chaos and destruction. People always insist on privacy and accountability when it applies to themselves, however, this does not hold true when it applies to everyone else.
Cyberbullying is a significant negative adverse phenomenon that has resulted from the widespread use of social media. What a person may say in social media maybe different then what they would say in a face to face conversation. Bulling becomes more extreme over social media because a
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It has influence how we relate and view others as well as affecting our physical and mental health. Social networking sites can be extremely beneficial for keeping in contact with friends and family members, however, one can undoubtedly see how potentially dangerous these sites might become. Some of these potentially negative effects of social media include cyberbullying, relationship conflicts and mental and physical health issues. It must be emphasized that social media should be used responsibly so that these negative impacts on American culture can be diminished or eliminated. Ultimately, parents must monitor use of social media by children and adolescents and at the same time, adults must use common sense and civility when using social

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