Cyber Bullying Tracking

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Bullying Is Whack, Get On the Right Track What is cyberbullying? “Cyberbullying is intentional and repeated harm inflicted on people through the use of computers, cellular phones, and other electronic devices” (“Cyberbullying” 1). The use of technology today has greatly increased, and it is causing problems within the states. Schools are becoming more technological, and some schools even provide students with electronic devices. Four in ten teens have been bullied online, and girls are more likely to be victimized, rather the boys (Phillips). Online social media keeps growing, and it is causing cyberbullying to become more popular. “Nationally, 14.8 percent of students experienced online bullying, according to a 2013 study by the Centers …show more content…
There was a new law that was not popular because it would permit schools to punish kids for things they are doing outside of school and school hours (Gross 9). Parents argue that if the bullying happens outside of the school, than it is not the school’s job to punish the children. Some experts say that teachers, and parents, since they are adults, are trusted with the information students tell them about being bullied (“Cyberbullying” 1). Since the students tell the teachers then it is brought into school, it can now be reported. Social media is very popular among young kids, and when kids get bullied it is usually over the internet. Hoffman states Professor James says “cellphones are like backpacks: if the search’s purpose is reasonably related to a school infraction, like cheating, the principal’s search is legal. If the teacher reports that a student is acting weird, and has told him/her of the cyberbullying, then they have the right to search the electronic device that has the evidence because it is disrupting the student’s learning in school. The law passed in New Hampshire that was brought up earlier in this essay stated that bullying and cyberbullying that occurs on school property or outside of school can be punished if the conduct interferes with educational opportunities or disrupts school (Patchin). The law allows the schools to punish even if the cyberbullying happened after school. “This puts schools, students, and parents on notice...schools can discipline students for their off campus behavior” (Patchin). Now the schools can punish the kids and provide the students with the protection they need from the bully. By setting this law the schools now have the ability to monitor the students, and catch the cyberbullying faster. Monitoring the students actions and setting some restrictions by schools and communities can help diminish cyberbullying

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