Positive And Negative Features Of Facebook

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A social network service launched to the community well-known as Facebook, altered how we keep in contact today. Facebook joins more people than any other single network. The way Facebook operates is you could search and add or accept people that you know, saying how you actually know them. This then allows you to access their profile. Firstly, you can only access people’s profile that are within your community or network so they either live near you or are a friend of a friend. This is different to its competitors which build up networks where possibly people who don’t know you can access your profile. Facebook is a more of a private community as you have to authorize you know someone to allow them to access your profile. Facebook is used more by older people, such as adults and teenagers. Facebook have positive and negative features within the site. …show more content…
People can leave messages on friends’ profile walls or messages to their inbox. The most popular feature of Facebook is the easiness of posting pictures and videos. Additional features like music can be posted. Furthermore, with pictures of people you could tag them which allows the people in the picture know they are in it and view it. Then the picture is placed on that person’s profile which lets their friends have access to it. This forms up a multifaceted network of individuals of friends who can access what buddies are up to and view at pictures of possibly themselves and people they recognize. A tiny feed updates to tell you what your friends have done on the site recently. You can also arrange whose posts you want to see first on the feed, or whose post you recommend not to see at

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