Why Facebook Might Not Be Good For You Essay

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As the years go by we get a sense of how life has changed from generation to generation, this is especially significant in those born within Generation Z, also known as those born around “the rise of technology”. Now everywhere you go there seems to be a distant social chain in which everyone is too plugged in into a network of digital devices that they don’t seem to pay much attention to the world around them, and if these “connected cocoons” do have knowledge of recent news they usually get it from online social networks. Overall technologies create a cultural phenomenon, but it’s up to the people to consider whether it’s for better or for worst.
In “Why Facebook Might Not Be Good for You: Some Dangers of Online Social Networks”, written on May 15, 2007, student James Gardiner writes a piece for his writing seminar about the negative consequences on online social networks (OSNs), primarily Facebook. Gardiner argues about dangers when it comes to social networks by first stating the two most popular OSNs (Myspace and Facebook) followed by stating his purpose for writing his paper. Gardiner first mentions the opposing side of his argument; providing ways to stay in connected with family and friends”, “they give young people a place to experiment with identities and voices”, “they provide ways to get additional info about persons you’ve met face-to-face”; with resources like statistical evidence and articles written by researchers. He then follows it by mentioning his…

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