Functionalist Perspective Of Social Networkinging Essay

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Applying the Sociological Perspectives
Social networking sites (SNS) is the phrase often used to explain a website that enables their users to establish public profiles within that particular Website. Users can create relationships with other participants including family members and friend, and develop relationships with those who direct access to the profiles created. Social networking sites are used to describe chatrooms, social spaces, community-based websites and online forums. The popularity has developed amongst many individuals within all age groups. I choose this topic due to the powerful position social networking sites plays in society. Also, because of the profound knowledge on the sociological mechanism and how communication manipulates human beings perspective and actions, which is of considerable significance. The appropriate use of social networking sites derives from understanding how an individual choose to participate socially, as well as the sociological attributes of the participant. From a negative point of view, social networking sites also involve safety issues that can be detrimental to a user’s identity and their families.
Functionalism Perspective From the functionalism perspectives, one would examine the
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Of them all, I believe that the functionalist perspective is most applicable perspective associated with social networking sites. The functionalist perspective interpretation of social networking sites is that they are our society’s main link with the world. Individuals can carry out social norms and socialize with other individuals within or out of their environment. The functionalist perspective also explains that our society is held together by social unity and harmony, where members collaborate and achieve a decision that would be in the society’s best

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