Essay on Social Media And Business For A Look At How The New World

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Combining Social Media and Business for a Look at how the New World Works Today Social media is a storyteller because it has changed the everyday lives of people. The impacts of social media have changed the way people think and how they conduct themselves. Simply, the world is a much more different place from where it used to be. The college generation can look back at the past and realize that they were there during the transition phases of social media technology. One of the major impacts of social media is how businesses market today. New strategies have been put in place to market more efficiently. These strategies benefit the organizations and ultimately bring in more profit. Business would not be where it is today without the help of social media. They complement each other and will grow together. Through articulated research, I have synthesized that business marketing needs social media to work in the world today. Companies will improve upon their story and this is all because social media has caused a positive shift in the way business is conducted. Within a span of 20 years, social media has erupted and taken over. In 1997, Six Degrees was created and that was a website to find other friends. From there, Myspace was next and that was created in 2003. In 2005, Facebook and Twitter followed and those sites are widely used by millions of people today. Momentum carried social media and this all started with web 2.0 which was a program to switch the…

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