Social Marketing Campaign : Kotler And Lee Essay

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Developing social marketing campaign: Kotler and lee have divided the development of social marketing campaign step by step in the following way
1. Define the problem, purpose and focus: Social marketing campaign must first begin with clearly determining public health problem which can include a severe epidemic (severe acute respiratory syndrome), an evolving issue (increase in alcohol consumption and teen smoking), or a justifiable need (public education on the prevention of AIDS). AT this stage, it is critical to identify and summarize the factors that led to the motivation and decision for developing such a campaign. This is followed by evolving a purpose statement which will indicate the impacts and benefits this campaign will generate when successful. Determination of a focus will help narrow down the scope of social marketing campaign to best use the resources that are available, maximize the impact of campaign and ensure the campaign achievability.
2. Conduct a situation analysis: Organization’s strengths and weaknesses and environmental threats and opportunities can be evaluated by using SWOT analysis. A literature review can also be conducted about prior and current campaigns which have similar efforts and summarize the major activities conducted and major efforts achieved.
3. Selecting target audiences: Broad audience can be segmented on the basis of common characteristics of people that is required by the program. An estimated size and informative description…

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