Social Learning Theory Of Celebrity Endorsement

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2.2.1 Social Learning Theory
The social learning theory explains how the use of celebrity endorsement in advertisement affects or influences audience consumption intentions. The theory assumes that consumers watch, listen observe and would want to consume what the celebrities endorse thus leading to improved brand awareness (Sertoglu, Cath and Korkmaz, 2014).
2.2.2 Source Credibility Theory
The theory deals with the trustworthiness of the source. The theory indicates that consumers are persuaded to consume products when the source presents itself as credible. The dimensions of credibility are trustworthiness, competence and goodwill. These three dimensions are not empirical realities but perceptions that can be created, managed and cultivated.
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According to Erfgen (2005), marketers have to find innovative and creative ways of meeting the everchanging tastes and preferences of the customers. In this era of intense competition, companies have resorted to celebrity endorsement advertisement to promote their products and build the necessary brand awareness with the bid to ensure the survival of their products and services. Celebrity endorsement advertisement has now been an effective marketing strategy to promote a brand (Erfgen, 2005). World over it has been done before in various industries where it has proved to be an effective …show more content…
Companies that adopt celebrity endorsement advertisement expect that such attraction and present qualities can be easily transferred to their products and services via macro activities. This is supported by Oyeniyi (2014)’s view that the reputation, attractiveness and pleasant qualities go a long way in enhancing and maintaining the attention of the customers on the products and services that they are associated with. Such association has the effect of increasing the brand recall and brand recognition rates particularly in today’s highly cluttered

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