Social Intelligence And Emotional Intelligence Essay

728 Words Apr 2nd, 2016 3 Pages
Understand how to make good use of social skills and managing emotions are the first conditions to all employees who need to interact with customers in their jobs; for instance, hospitality industry, but also to everyone interacts with others in daily life. However, people start interacting with each other by using their electronic devices and create a phenomenon of social corrosion due to the development of technology. Nevertheless, the essay will discuss what benefits of having a highly skilled of social intelligence and emotional intelligence in individual and organization of the hospitality industry. There are servals inter/intra personal skills of each intelligence that would help to develop relationships and success in jobs. Yet both of intelligence are applied in emotional labour (which is taking part in the emotional economy and is part of a job requirement), so it is essential to understand how to assess and control emotional thus social and emotional intelligence. This essay begins by outlining the definition of the social intelligence and emotional intelligence to the hospitality industry and then analysis what are the benefits both of the intelligence to the hospitality individual and organization.

Social intelligence is defined as the ability to understand how to behave with others and able to make well-connected relationships. According to Phipps (2007) mentions that social intelligence has branched into two components by Daniel Goleman’s research in 2007,…

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