Essay on Sleep Deprivation And Its Effects On Society

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You Snooze You Lose
Sleep has been an enigma among scientists for many centuries, and continues to puzzle the scientific world. It is known that animals will die without sleep, however, organisms can be seen going days without sleep while still functioning close to normal. As scientists gain more and more knowledge on the topic, the world has learned that sleep affects not only one function in the body, but a multitude of systems. Therefore, when looking at sleep among students, it seems crucial that they receive the proper amount and quality of rest. However, sleep deprivation among adolescents has consistently risen as a prevalent issue because of the rigorous schedules students are encountering, and the detrimental habits teens have developed during their academic careers. The definition states that sleep deprivation is a condition that occurs if you don 't get enough rest. However, this epidemic that is affecting the entire world of education means so much more. Although the amount of sleep you get is the most important thing to prevent sleep deprivation, there are other factors that contribute to the condition. According to Tsui, "Sleep quality is just as important as sleep quantity as shown in a Taiwanese study". Students with sleep schedule shifts still saw signs of sleep deprivation, even with sufficient amounts of sleep. Therefore, even if you are receiving a healthy amount of sleep as a teen, if it is not quality you may still experience symptoms of sleep…

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