Sleep Deprivation And Depression Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Obtaining an adequate amount of sleep per night is a very important aspect of mental health. Approximately 70 million Americans are affected by some kind of sleeping problem. This figure constitutes those that may have a sleeping disorder such as insomnia or just not getting to bed on a good time. A poll conducted by the National Sleep Organization from 2011 reported that 43% of Americans between the ages of 13 and 64 rarely or never get a good night's sleep on weeknights. On average, a person should get about 8 hours of quality sleep per night. In a recent survey of 1000 Americans conducted through the National Geographic Channel, 73% of Americans over the age of 18 reported sleeping less than the 8-hour requirement per night. Being deprived of sleep can cause anxiety for some people, but insufficient sleep can also lead to physical illnesses as well such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Nearly 80% of Americans agree that a lack of sleep causes concentration problems and stress issues. As I have learned in this course, depression is one of the most common mental illnesses. Conducting some research from the American Psychological Association, sleep deprivation and depression go hand in hand. For someone that is constantly struggling with his or her sleep schedule, that person is more inclined to become chronically depressed over …show more content…
A study was completed by UK’s University of Warwick Medical School to better understand sleeping insufficiency among developing nations primarily in Asia and Africa. They found that these countries are suffering just as much, if not more (in some cases) as developed countries. Bangladesh was found to be the most problematic in terms of their sleeping patterns. The driving factor was that 40% of women in Bangladesh were suffering from sleep problems, more than any other developing country. I found that sleeping patterns in developing countries are greatly caused by societal factors such as quality of life and poverty. These factors can cause unlimited stress for people of these

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