Healthy People Research Paper

1337 Words 6 Pages states one of the 2020 global objectives is to, “Improve public health and strengthen U.S. national security through global disease detection, response, prevention, and control strategies” (GlobalHealth). This objective highlights an awareness exist in the necessity to monitor global health in relation to American welfare. Therefore understanding what the stakes are concerning the possibility of an epidemic and how said epidemic is handled on a national level is extremely important. While America has dealt with a large variety of health care crisis effectively in the past, handling a health crisis in the most responsible manner requires multiple actions and an Ebola outbreak would test the country to the limits of its abilities. Another area of concern is the state of the health care system on a large scale, dealing with the …show more content…
The level of resources, technology, and amazing minds in the American scientific and medical community would easily surpass that of many other places. However everything that comes with a crisis of such a magnitude is even more than America can handle. Although the country is working on a number of measures to protect the landscape of health the road is still long. The inclusion of fear and internet chatter also increases the difficulty which affects a country during such a time. The country would need the power of all areas of public health including the government, the military, and all medical professionals on hand to even begin to put a dent in such a health crisis. One can only hope that any use of the military will be well thought out and part of a unified plan. Unlike “Joe McCormick, the C.D.C. official who had clashed with the Army over the management of the Ebola Reston outbreak”(228). Ultimately the country would rebound but the fact that an epidemic can even take place is a sign the country is not truly

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