Ebola Virus Analysis

Ebola is the most dangerous disease since HIV. According to the report by Richard Preston, an author who writes about infectious disease, the epidemic began on “December 6, 2013, in the village of Meliandou, in Guinea, in West Africa, with the death of a two-year-old boy who was suffering from diarrhea and a fever” (Preston). Since then, the outbreaks have been staggering. The virus is contracted through contact with blood and other bodily fluids. As the virus becomes more of an epidemic, health care workers traveled to West Africa to fight the deadly disease. When the health care workers traveled back from West Africa to the United States, people were fearful of the vicious outbreaks of Ebola because the disease is contagious and deadly. …show more content…
The Ebola virus is a very mysterious and vicious disease. It is a parasite that primarily resides in creatures from Africa. Since then, the virus has caused brutal outbreaks. Despite the accessories the health authority has to prevent the virus, they have a constant fear for cities like Nigeria and India. As soon as Partis Sabeti, an associate professor of biology at Harvard University learned that Ebola has surfaced Sierra Leone, she called a meeting and began to refer to it as the Ebola War Room. Sheik Humarr Khan and the officials at the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health used a method of collecting blood to see if Ebola was mutating. Additionally, the Ebola experts declare that if people are not wearing Biohazard gear, they should stand at least six feet away from an Ebola …show more content…
She discusses the lifespan of Ebola since 1976 and how it sickened thousands making it the worst outbreak of a virus in history.
Christina Murray, who wrote How Mass Hysteria about Ebola Is Violating Our Rights, discuss about the sudden outbreak of Ebola in West Africa and how this outbreak causes the government to take control of the health care worker’s fate to forcefully quarantine them. When health care workers coming from Africa are forced to be quarantined, she believes the idea of civil liberties is taken away from them and it is violating the Bill of Rights.
In the article from Inquisitr, it discusses how after Dr.Craig Spencer returned from Africa, he lied about being self-quarantined. Few days later, when Spencer was diagnosed with Ebola, the investigators would check anywhere he has been by breaking into his apartment to look for his credit statements and his Medical

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