Ebola In The Hot Zone

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The Hot Zone by Richard Preston is a non-fiction novel about the origin of Ebola and its effects on people and the outbreak of Ebola in a monkey house. Preston also goes into details about the symptoms of Ebola and the different strains of Ebola,which are Ebola Zaire, Ebola Reston, and Ebola Sudan. Preston really informs about the dangers of Ebola and what it can do to the human body and what must be done to prevent the virus from spreading around the world and causing an epidemic. Undoubtedly this novel gives us true facts that would help us in the future if we were ever to come across this virus in the future. For example, in the novel Preston describe the symptoms that occur in the body when infected for instance, ”The mask like face, the red eyes, and the bloody nose were classic signs of Ebola that appear in all primates infected with the virus, both monkeys and humans.” Nevertheless knowing the early signs of Ebola helps us to act quickly to solve the problem …show more content…
Just from reading this novel you learn a lot about Ebola and its stages and levels it has to it. The details helps us know what the workers went through when trying to eliminate the threat and what could go wrong when not too careful. They do the best they can day and night to isolate this virus. Ebola has been around for a very long time and has caused many problems ,but experts in the field always find a way to prevail. This novel helped us see how quick the army and the CDC take immediate action , it lets us now that they are prepared to keep people safe from any harm. When the CDC is involved with something major you know its serious and not a game, but for this instance this type of Ebola wasn’t harmful to humans.Overall this book gives us knowledge of Ebola and what to look out for and what is being done to stop it from spreading and

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