Essay On Is Abortion Morally Wrong

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How would a person react if a doctor stole their right to live? Think about adults not having the ability to speak or express their feelings. Unborn children in their mother’s womb experience this predicament. They have no say in what will become of them or whether or not they will be allowed to live. Their entire future and any great contributions they could make during their life could be wiped away through the selfish act of their parents. Not only several million children killed every year, but also several thousand maternal deaths every year have been caused as a result of abortion. I firmly believe that abortion will always be morally wrong since it not only ends the human life of a child, but also deeply harms the mother of each aborted …show more content…
Abortion has many side affects, which include increased chance a breast cancer, lower fertility rates, and Sepsis (American pregnancy association 1). All of these side effects can be devastating to a woman’s physical or mental health. In 2008 a British 30 year old woman named Emma Beck committed suicide after her abortion of two twins. Emma left a suicide note describing the intense regret and grief that she was experiencing after the killing of her babies. In her note she explains that she regretted having an abortion, and that she thought she would be a great mother. Weeks after her abortion Emma committed suicide at her home in London, England. Her postmortem proved that she had died by hanging. (Ertelt 1) Emotional side effects of abortion can be almost expected in every woman who has had an abortion. Emotional side effects include serious depression, insomnia and nightmares, eating disorders, anxiety, and thoughts of suicide. (American pregnancy association 1) None of these very harmful side effects would be worth an abortion, especially since the act will always be morally wrong and committing a

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