Should You Get A Referral? Essay

819 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Let 's say you want out of a super fun lunch period with your friends, but you don 't know how to get out if it, you could always get a referral. But how would one get a referral? Referrals aren 't the hardest thing to get, their pretty simple if you 're willing to break the rules. Three simple steps that always get me referrals are being tardy, using my phone, and mouthing off to Mr. Burke. If you do any of these three or all three at once you will surely find yourself in lunch detention.
Being tardy on a daily basis is hard work and takes a lot of dedication to the cause. To be tardy to school, first one must hit the snooze button continuously on their alarm clocks so they cannot fully wake up until they are already late. Then that person must take their time in order to keep pushing the timer, they put on makeup and get out of bed slowly. The key to being tardy is to procrastinate on every level. To take our time while getting ready and while getting to school. Finally to be tardy to first period we must drive very slowly and let everyone pass us to achieve tardiness. Being tardy to other classes is another story because first one must plan accordingly by finding something else to occupy themselves with. Whether it be using the restroom, talking to friends or simply hiding we must think of ways to avoid getting caught. If we are caught we will be brought to class and we will not be marked as tardy or absent. Being tardy to class is a process we must work on step by step…

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