Why Kids Should Start Later Essay

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Most kids have after school activities, which cause them to get home later than others. The effect of them getting home later gives them lack of time to get their homework done and have less sleeping time. Schools need to make arrival time in the morning at least an hour or two later then usual time due to students not getting enough sleep. Throughout all the ages of high schoolers, all of their brains are still developing. The average person needs to get 6-8 hours of sleep every night. After school, I attend softball practices and away games that sometimes cause my team and I to get home around 11:00 pm. Also, to mention homework and studying; not every kid gets the time to finish classwork sent home, or have time to study for their classes. Throughout this year my grades have become low, because of not having time to finish homework or sent home projects. Later arrival time would even decrease the amount of teens that fall asleep during classes. Although losing hours of school time …show more content…
My alarm clock on my phone wakes me up at 5:00 A.M. every day and I’m always tired by the time i get to 7th period. An extra hour of later arrival time will give kids more time to finish homework in the mornings, along with other priorities. One of my problems is getting up in the mornings and then ending up late to first period. Allowing kids to show up later would be just the same as the seniors having late arrival. Conroes staff may disagree, but late arrival time could help the students preparation for their futures in many ways. Students have a lot to do involving school, but not enough time to do it all. Arrival time being later could be a big change in not only Conroe High, but other schools in the area. Our school should consider having later arrival to support our students developing brains and sleep schedules. This would be an advantage, since sometimes the weekends aren’t always enough time to get things

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