Should We Be Vegan? Essay

789 Words Nov 10th, 2015 4 Pages
Veganism is a way of living that excludes every type of animal products that causes exploitation and cruelty to animals. It is proved that every vegan person can save more than 100 animals in one year. Vegans, not only do not eat meat, but also do not use other animal products, like dairy, eggs, leather, cosmetics, and soap. The main reasons why people choose to be vegan are to help the environment, the animals, and to be healthier.
Consuming animal products is one of the worst thing someone can do for the environment. The meat industry is the biggest cause of climate change, and raising animals for food occupies a massive part of earth 's land. 70% of the grains is used to food for farm animals, that amount of food could be used to fed people. By adopting a vegan diet you can save more carbon emissions than driving certain cars, you can also help reducing global warming and save large amounts of water, diminish the destruction of tropical rainforest, lower the pollution in the oceans, save endangered species.
Farm animals are more intelligent than cats and dogs, and they all suffer the same amount of pain, but people do not kill cats or dogs, because they are familiar with them. Avoiding eating meat, is one of the ways someone can help against animal cruelty. Farm animals in slaughterhouses suffer from from malnutrition, pain, injury, disease to discomfort and fear. To be able to survive in bad conditions and grow fast, the animals have to take antibiotics. They are also…

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