Informative Speech To Be On A Vegan Diet

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I. One percent of the US population is committed to healthy diet that makes it roughly 3.7 million people that are committed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
II. It has been proved by an incredible number of doctors and nutritionists that not consuming a lot of red meat and constantly eating a lot of vegetables is incredibly healthy for the ones health.
III. Since I switch my diet to a vegan diet due to religious reasons I can assure that being on a vegan diet cleans the body from all the unhealthy food that I consume while I am not on a vegan diet.
IV. Veganism has a lot of benefits, major benefits are making the body healthier and more energetic, it prevents and help in treating diseases, and it gives the body a lot of nutrition
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Vegan food cause the body to lose the excessive body fat percentage and that make the body lighter and more energetic. NFL football player, Tony Gonzales in a “Happy Healthy Long Life” blog mention that he stated eating vegan good because it helps him get more energy playing football. Gonzalez had his best season ever after he switched to vegan diet.

B. Vegan diet can help in making the one’s hair stronger and makes it healthier. Not only the hair that gets effected by vegan food, but also the nails. Vegan food is responsible for making the nails looks healthier and stronger along with the skin. Nuts and vegetable that contain vitamin A and E play a very big role in making the skin healthy and rescuing blemishes.
Vegan food does not affect the health of the physical body, but it has more effect on the body from the inside.
II. Plant-based food contains a type of vitamin called phytochemicals. Phytochemicals help in preventing and actually heal the body from cancer. Not only that but it increases the protective enzymes and work with the antioxidants that is in the body to clean the body from any unclean
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Vegan food contain Vitamin C that help in boosting the immune system that prevent diseases entering the body. There is also Vitamin E that aid the heart, make the skin looks better, benefits the eyes, brain and even help in preventing diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Folate also known as vitamin B can be found in vegan food, that help the cells to repair and generate red and white cell which is very imprecation for the body to function. No surprise there is actually a penalty of recourse to protein in vegan food. Beans, nuts, peas, lentils, and soy products are all ways to get the right amount of protein other than red meat and chicken.

I. The concept of vegan diet is majorly misunderstood. Switching to vegan diet does not mean just saving the animals but it also means saving humans as well. Veganism better the physical appearance of the body, prevent many diseased and it is very nutritious.
II. Who would not want their bodies being healthy and protected from disease that might lead to death. Vegan diet gives our bodies to be healthy, protected and energetic so we can do whatever we want to do in

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