Veganism Essay

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The debate on veganism being healthy or harmful has lasted for decades now. People choose a vegan lifestyle for a plethora of reasons. Ethics, health, and the betterment of the environment are key ingredients that play into the decision to not partake in eating meat or by-products of meat. As the veganism trend in our diverse society grows, the debate as to whether or not this lifestyle is healthy or harmful has and will become more and more prevalent. The vegan diet has potential to be a healthy way of life but is in most cases rather unlikely. There have been plenty of studies that have proven vegans are significantly more at risk of all sorts of health problems such as blood clotting. Veganism is not only dangerous to a person’s health but …show more content…
People who live a vegan lifestyle generally have deficiencies with vitamins such as vitamin B, vitamin B12, vitamin D and so on. A common vegan diet has a lack of certain vital nutrients like vitamin B12 which are important for the formation of blood as well as brain function. Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that is involved in the function of every cell in the body. It is especially important for preventing your blood from clotting. Due to vitamin B12 being critical for life and isn't found in any amount in plants, so it is by far the most important nutrient that vegans must be concerned with. In fact, B12 deficiency effects ninety-two percent of all vegans. Two other nutrients that have been demonized by vegan proponents are saturated fat and cholesterol. But B12 is just the beginning of the deficiencies, there are other other nutrients that are only found in animal foods and are critical for optimal body functioning. So, not only can deficiencies cause tiredness, low energy levels, and headaches but can also lead to more serious health problems mainly dealing with brain function. One singular deficiency can cause a list of health problems but most vegans are in danger of having various deficiencies which can both affect your immune system, memory, irreversible nervous system damage and overall body

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