Meatless Mondays Essay

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We, in the United States are meant eaters. Today’s news is often filled with the effects and causes of global warming, with the main focus being related to carbon gas (CO2) emissions, reducing oil-based and coal energy usage. By comparison, what is not well known or often reported, is the tremendous impact of raising farm animals, mostly cows and chicken, for food production, the strain on resources, carbon emission, and the corresponding toxic run-off, to name a few. By further investigating the results of these massive farm production undertakings, and how damaging their impact is to the planet as reported by John Vidal in an article published in “The Guardian”, the current way these animals are raised is more recently of interest by politicians, scientists, economists, and the UN alike. Our relationship with animals is severe and must be changed in order to help solve the human and ecological concerns, and solve the problem of the already 1 billion people who do not have enough to eat and the 3 billion more people to feed within 50 years (Vidal). …show more content…
The concept of Meatless Mondays is not a new idea. The idea first appeared in many propaganda posters during WWI to save resources for the Allied Troup’s during the war years in the early twentieth century. More than 30 million families signed the pledge to observe Meatless Mondays in support of our troops overseas. As a movement, the idea has stayed and is even flourishing today. Schools in large cities such as Los Angeles, San Diego, and Baltimore, have adopted Meatless Mondays into their school

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