Persuasive Essay About Being Vegetarian

An Apple a Day keeps the Doctor Away
Do you ever think about living longer? If you say ‘Yes’, then the question that would come to your mind is ‘How can I live longer?’ The answer is to become a vegetarian. Most people would be irritated with that advice, because it is not something that they can do so easily or they think that not eating meat is a form of punishment. That is far from the truth. Being a vegetarian can contribute to a healthier life. When a person refrains from eating meat they are more likely to live longer, less likely to develop chronic diseases, be malnourished and less likely to develop diet-related diseases. These are proven statements that resulted from people who have switched from a meat-based diet to a clean vegetarian diet. Top nutrition schools in America such as Ohio State, NYU etc.
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Their immune system increases to the point where they can prevent some diseases from developing in their bodies. Joan Sabate writes in “The Contribution of Vegetarian Diets to Health and Disease: a Paradigm Shift?1,2,3” that, “Diets largely based on plant foods, such as well-balanced vegetarian diets, could best prevent nutrient deficiencies as well as diet-related chronic diseases.” Now this statement might be a bit stretched for some people to believe, but it is true. There have been numerous studies that have been conducted which prove that a vegetarian diet is more effective in strengthening the health of a person more than meat diets. Sabate discovered that, “Vegetarians living in affluent countries enjoy remarkably good health, exemplified by low rates of obesity, coronary diseases, diabetes, and many cancers, and increased longevity.” The decreases of such type of diseases are remarkable and very impressive to say the least. These multiple health benefits are so astonishing that it is very strange to see that people do not want to switch to such an amazing

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