Skinny Bitch Research Paper

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Opening the doors with a sudden breeze, automatically inhaling the smell of rubber, glancing to the left a large bulky man tells me to come over asking numerous of personal questions. Measuring my weight and BMI, I was over-weight. Coming home finding a book called Skinny Bitch by Kim Barnouin, reading cover to cover I found the answer to my weight problems, the word vegetarian popped out immediately. Researching online finding a YouTuber named Freelee the Banana Girl, explaining in each of her videos how it changed her life and the morality towards animals. Being knowledgeable of what to eat, I became a vegan at first and switched to become a vegetarian. Later on losing weight and becoming healthier, the vegetarian diet is beneficial diet if done right.
Walking into a local fast food place and placing an order for a double cheese burger, with fries on the side of course, looking down at your number, suddenly a women placing down a red tray shouting “number 63”. Glancing back down at your receipt and quickly galloping happily to your tray of diabetes and heart disease. While the Vegetarians and Vegans have no worry about such things only what their next meal will be. The types of vegetarianism
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Vegetarianism also has a link to non-violence and spirituality. Ghandi even preferred vegetarianism because of the non-violence and spirituality. In order to have peace, harmony, and serenity, Buddha said, that you have not to injure or kill a living being. As for Christianity the bible does not specifically state about eating meat, but it does say about how god has mercy and loves all no matter what. Examples such as: the environment, resources, and the factory farms are not what God would want. Mormonism believes in righteous behavior, therefore you can conclude that not killing animals is a righteous behavior. If they have no choice then they are allowed to kill animals for

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