Veganism: The Wisest Choice

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Veganism: The Wisest Choice
Do you ever stop to think about what you’re putting in your body, especially when it comes to meat? Although the human race has been eating animals and animal byproducts for millions of years and a vast majority of people today still do, maybe not even realizing the consequences of their actions, a non-vegan diet definitely does more harm than good by damaging human health and the planet. Veganism is the wisest lifestyle choice people could make because it helps the environment and improves human health, therefore, it would make the world a better place.
Each year 9,061,378,100 land animals are killed in the United States to be used as food and 7,353,336,300 of those animals are just for meat consumption in the United States
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We do not need animal products to survive, and although they may be sources of protein or calcium, they aren't the healthiest options. Besides, there are far better ways to get what our bodies need that do not involve harming animals. The process required to feed and raise livestock is just wasting valuable resources we need, especially with a population that's growing so rapidly. Eating meat and any other product that comes from an animal does more harm than good. Although the truth may be difficult to process and accept these problems are very real and unless more people go vegan then we will be forced to face many problems, which could be prevented now, later on in the future when it may already be too late. Living a vegan lifestyle may sound hard but it really isn’t; it just takes time to adjust (Ball “Frequently Asked”). Take a step in the direction of a healthier and happier planet by eating even just less meat and animal products because all steps towards veganism are positive

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