Should The Supreme Court Allot Equal Adoption Rights Across The Border?

1143 Words Nov 9th, 2015 null Page
Should the Supreme Court allot equal adoption rights across the border in all 50 states for gay and lesbian couples to file legally as joint parents similar to heterosexual parents? Petitioners of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, and Transgender (LGBQT) community repeatedly fight for equality but remain to be a silent voice in the court system. Legally, same-sex couples are issued the right to get married and file as husband and wife in a civil union. Concerns that are targeted on religious beliefs, the safety of the children and development issues are problems that rise in this case approval. Adoption agencies require basic qualifications that specifically target marital status, age and residency of the individual. The case to legalize same-sex adoption in all states is conflict that will continue to rise based on the civil rights that the LGBQT community is progressively earning.
In the Adar vs. Smith case, the Louisiana State Registrar refused to distribute Oren Adar and Mickey Smith a birth certificate confirming that the two males are legally joint parents of their son Infant J. Although the couple received joint adoption in New York City, they were listed as fathers on the certificate from New York City and Louisiana’s adoption statue considers parents of a child to be a mother and father. Lambda Legal centered the Adar and Smith’s case against Louisiana State in violation of Full Faith, Credit Clause and Equal Protection under the United States Constitution. In…

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