The Pros And Cons Of Gay Adoption

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“It’s a shame that qualified families are being rejected from the process because of irrelevant considerations, such as sexuality” - Shannon Corregan. Gay couples are being rejected from adoption just for their sexuality. Although some say children need a mother and a father, Gay couples should be allowed to adopt. Laws have been enforced to ban gay couples from legally adopting a child. Evidence from the article states “The Supreme Court's refusal to hear an appeal was a setback for the American Civil Liberties Union and gay rights group.” sated from Joan Biskupic, 2005. The court would just ignore liberals and the gay rights group for their reasoning's. Another evidence from the article states “The court's action taken as it rejected appeals in hundreds of other cases, sets no national precedent” stated Joan Biskupic. The court mostly focuses on gay rights as the important issue than other court cases. …show more content…
My evidence from the article stated “Gay couples are often more equitable when it comes to things like child-rearing, household chores and overall relationships maintenance, and this has positive results for children raised in these environments”. This explains that in a gay couple environment is the exact same even better than a straight couple environments. If gay couples have a suitable environment then there is no reason to not allow them to adopt. Laws are starting to change in favor of gay couples. In 2015, laws in Mississippi to ban same sex adoption have been lifted. my evidence from my article states “Civil rights lawyers filed suit in federal court challenging the law on gay rights issues”. Many arguments towards the issue of gay rights. Another evidence I found was “New York began allowing gay and lesbian couples - second parent adoption in

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