Essay Should Phones Be Allowed Inside Classrooms At School?

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There is controversy over whether or not phones should be allowed inside the classrooms at school. Allowing cellphones in the classrooms is a good idea. They are already there hidden in pockets, purses, backpacks, so why not put them to good use?

Cellphones are great educational tools. Students use a cellphone everyday. They almost always have one on them, that’s why the phones are always dead and the students are always desperate for a charger and an outlet to charge up their phones. Instead of taking them away like most teachers do, why don’t they let the students keep the phones and let the students use the phones to better help themselves in the classroom. Some students may not have a phone so you could even have them work in groups to better help their social skills.

Students have become way too dependent on their phones and they have lost their real life social skills, not social media skills. They can tweet, snapchat, and private message people all behind their phones but if you stand them in front of a classroom they will freeze up instantly and won 't say anything or forget what they were supposed to say. If you give them their phones to take notes for said speech and let them use it, they will and they would give a perfect speech and go back to their desk and either get on social media, talk with friends, or even both, just as long as they have their phone.

Motivation has become a problem these days. Kids and teens are not as interested and excited as they…

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