Should Computers Be Used In Elementary School Essay

Should computers be used in elementary school?
Computer is a medium of education in many countries. All over the world computers are being used by students to prepare their study materials. Many parents may argue that computers should not be used in elementary school; however, in my opinion the introduction of computers in elementary schools can only benefit the students.
First reason for using computers in the classroom is to provide students different kinds of learning experiences. Computer applications can be used to display multimedia lesson plan at an elementary school level. It is not absolutely right that teachers will teach without books or writing without papers, but almost all subjects can be taught by using visual presentation.
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Students now can download latest edition text books in PDF format from the Internet and save them on their computers. PDF books are less expensive and easy to download. On the other hand, traditional books are sometimes out-dated. They might provide old information. Computer has no limitation of latest information. Computer based information are always updated. Latest information is added on the internet as soon as it occurs. Because of this, students now can get information which is related to their study in the shortest possible time very accurately (Oxford Learning 2016). Young children of today are already familiar with “Googling it” to find the latest and accurate information for their area of study. Therefore, it will definitely be a step backward if computers are not used at elementary …show more content…
Being distracted by computer is not a rare thing at all. It is also true, if a child has too much immoderate computer time, addiction can develop. Email, text messaging, games on devices and websites may distract student’s focus from studying. Perhaps computer has its dark sides, but it can be prevented. Schools should use computers realizing maximum benefits. Well trained teachers of elementary schools can prevent misuse of the computers. Teachers can ensure that all of the tools being used by students are actually related to their studies. They can monitor the activities of students and impose restrictions with regards to using computers. For example, they can place the computers having internet access in a common place. Extra-curricular activities offered by schools can check the abuse of computers by young leaners. Despite its disadvantages, the necessity of computers at elementary school cannot be

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