Should College Athletes Be Paid? Essay example

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Colleges get millions of dollars for their sports departments, but how much do the athletes get out of it? Athletes are some of the hardest working people out there and they deserve to get paid for their work on the team. There are many reasons why athletes should get paid. They spend all the time with the sport, but some never become professionals in their sport so there was no point in their hard work. Because athletes don 't get paid some have to turn to illegal sponsoring. The biggest reason is that the athletes play the game but get nothing out of it, without them there would be no game. College should pay college athletes because they played hard to earn it, the athletes never have time to get a life started and to eliminate illegal sponsoring.
Athletes devote their lives to the sport so they have earned the money for the time spent with the college sport. Universities make millions of dollars, but the hard working athlete gets nothing. For example, The University of Memphis basketball team brought in $6.7 million, Will Barton, who spent 18 hours playing the game got none of it (Veazey N.P.). Will Barton spent all of his time practicing and playing basketball he never had time to earn money. Given that, when Barton is done with college basketball, he will not have any money to rent an apartment, or even buy a car to get to work. The universities get all the money for Will’s work when all they do is hire a coach and go watch them play. Athletes do not have time to work…

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