Essay about Should Abortion Be Legal?

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Grass Roots
Abortion has been involved in multiple accounts of controversial arguments. It is defined in which the developing fetus is killed by the choice of the mother bearing the child. Women of the fetuses have reasons to why their decision of removing the fetus from their belly, such as the protection of Women 's Rights, the medical risk of the mother 's life, and to prevent severe disorders of the child 's life . Women 's Rights correlates to every individuals, including males. Women have the moral right to decide what to do with their own bodies, whether it is customization of any surgical procedures that involves cosmetics, or outside situations that causes the woman to be impregnated with an unwanted partner. In Bill Nye 's case, he states that "A woman has the rights over abortion, especially if she doesn 't like the guy that got her pregnant." Bill 's words conclude women who are victims of unfortunate incidents that involve rape and incest. It is injustice to carry around a child for nine months from a tragic event that was placed upon a woman who is a victim of rape. The child in the mother 's abdominal is the remembrance of what the victim has suffered, therefore, bringing the image of the violent crime reoccurring to the victim. There are cases that the mother cannot financially support the child to further development. If the mother is stripped from her right to decide of her own body, she is forever tied to the child financially, leaving both…

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