Should Abortion Be Legal? Essay

1388 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
Abortion is a procedure that murders innocent lives that cannot defend themselves. People that agree with abortion say that an unborn baby has no constitutional rights, and that it is okay to end a human life because the baby is not an American citizen yet. When a pregnant mother is killed it is considered a double homicide, yet when a baby is aborted it is not considered murder. Abortion is a problem in today’s society, causing a division; it is morally wrong because it is considered to be murder.
Abortion is performed two different ways, both ways have temporary and long term damage to who would have been a mother. Medical abortion is one way to murder a baby; medical abortion is used at an early stage in the pregnancy. This uses a pill to exterminate the baby when it is first beginning to look human. Surgical abortion is more murderous than medical because the baby is mutilated as it is pulled from the mother’s womb in pieces. Even though the procedure is killing the baby there are risks involving the mother’s health as well: “infection, a potential serious and life threatening problem…excessive bleeding and damage to the uterus” (“Abortion” 1). This procedure takes place until the twenty-fourth week of the pregnancy when abortion can no longer be performed. In some cases, the baby is pulled out whole and alive. When the baby is out they get thrown away with the other unwanted trash. These procedures should be banned because they do not only inhumanly dismember the…

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