Immanuel Kant Philosophy And Abortion Argument Essay

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Immanuel Kant Philosophy and Abortion Argument Abortion has been a highly debated topic in today 's society. It is something that happens everyday. It is wrong to terminate a pregnancy before childbirth. Abortion causes unfair death. Abortion in general is wrong. Using Immanuel Kant 's moral philosophy, we can make an arguable debate. According to Kant 's moral principle, Kant uses categorical imperative: a rule stating what ought to be done based upon pure reason alone and not contingent upon sensible desires. Therefore, moral rules for Kant, have no exceptions. Killing is always wrong. Everyone has good will. Which is what Kant 's theory is all about. People deserve to live. Another principle Kant uses is practical imperative, "Act to treat humanity, whether yourself or another, as an end-in-itself and never as a means. People are not to be used unjustifiably in order to obtain your goals or seek an edge or unfair advantage. According to Kant’s ethical theories, aborted babies are losing out on the achievement of life. People have rights which would supercede, for example, the tyranny of the majority in utilitarianism. Just because you don’t want the child, doesn’t mean you have to take away it’s life. It is morally wrong because it is an innocent human. Every human has potential to reach the highest point of intelligence, like Kant says. First of all, Kant claims even if killing one innocent person were to save more people, it is not morally permissible because the…

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