Abortion: Open And Closed Adoption

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No matter where you are in the world, your race or ethnicity does and should not matter. Abortion is a terrible act, and should be made illegal. It does not matter what background you come from. If you come from a rich and will respected family, or you come from a poor unknown family. Abortion should have never become a solution to a problem that you created. Killing a harmless baby that hasn’t even come into this world is not okay and should never be okay. Whoever came up with the idea that killing someone that has done nothing wrong is selfish. There are multiple reasons why abortion should be illegal. Such as, abortion is murder, it’s not the baby’s fault, there are many other alternatives that can and should be considered, getting
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Some of them are open, semi open and closed adoption. Closed adoptions are very uncommon in the United States. This is when the birth parents have no contact with their child after they are put up for adoption. Many times the adoptive parents don’t even know the parents of their child. And if they do they don’t stay in contact after the adoption. Once a closed adoption is finalized there is no way to open it until the child is 18 years old. A semi open adoption is when you don’t know the adoptive parents. The contact is kept minimal to a few letters and cards on occasion. And finally an open adoption is when the child and their birth parents communicate regularly during the holidays. In some unique situations the biological parents will let the adoptive parents see the baby being born. Overall adoption is not an awful idea. If you don’t want any contact, you don’t have to have any and if you just can’t give you baby the life that they deserve you can still know them. There are many different alternative than killing a child through …show more content…
They say that “forcing unwanted changes is not ethical.” (kialo) But is killing a baby ethical? When you have another human inside of you that has its own heartbeat, it has its own organs and own body. The baby even has its own DNA strands; it does not share with the mother. If it did then they might be able to argue, but they don’t. The baby gets its DNA from the mother and father. It is not your body its theirs, and you should not be able to take someone’s life in your hands just because you think you made a mistake. You should be held responsible not your child. It’s not your child’s fault that you chose to have intercourse before you are married or before you think you are ready for kids. Around 46% of the abortions that happen today are because the mothers were not married, that’s almost half. (guttmacher) Don’t make idiotic decisions, grow up and be

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