Short Story : Ladies And Gentlemen Flight M20 Essay

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“Ladies and gentlemen flight M20 is delayed one hour, flight M20 is delayed one hour,” said a woman on the loudspeakers. “Oh no, Ria one more hour.” Ria is my best friend. She is tall and skinny because she works out. She is always conscious of how she looks. Any guy that sees her would fall in love with her. She is always dressed up like today she is wearing a pink sundress and has her hair straight. I, however, am wearing tights with a pink workout tank. I don’t work out, I don’t need to I am skinny enough. I am not worried much about how I look as long as I look descent. We get along very well; we are both weird and crazy. I have known her for so long we are like sisters now. Today we are heading home to Lucknow for the fall. And Ria is coming over for my sister’s wedding. “Hey Vani look those guys they are from our college,” she exclaimed. “Oh my god, what are they doing,” I said laughing. The guys were jumping on each other and laughing at weird comments like typical guys. It was quite entertaining it seems that the one-hour would go by fast. “ So Vani,” Ria said in a professional tone, “what’s your college planning for the future.” “You know my dad, he thinks girls are created for being a housewife and it’s hard to convince for even an associate degree.” I love studying I want to be something and stand on my own feet, however my dad doesn’t. He is going to get me married as soon as possible.
Ria and I were just sitting and suddenly a cute, groomed, tall guy…

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