A Narrative Essay About A Day In High School

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BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! I look at my alarm, it’s 7:00AM. I fall out of bed, furiously brushing my teeth, throw some clothes on, and run out the door to catch the bus.
This was my routine every morning. Waking up at 6:45 AM, eating breakfast, showering, and then rushing down to the same bus stop, hopefully, to make the 7:42 AM bus. I heavily relied on the bus my freshman and sophomore years of high school. My parents were always preoccupied, getting my younger brother and sister ready for school and didn’t have any time to drive me down to my school. I would take the bus, everyday, with my close friend, Jackson, who lived about ten minutes away from me. He would always get on the following bus stop. When we started taking the bus, we were young, immature freshman making a tremendous amount of noise, as others would join us on our morning commute to school.
At first, I was hesitant about taking the bus to school. I’d heard stereotypes that the bus was unpleasantly dirty and infested with sleepy homeless people. I remember a brief a conversation I had with my a former nanny, Dominique, about the bus being a reliable source of transportation.
I made an uneducated remark, assertively stating, “Carpools are much more reliable than taking the bus because they are always on time in the morning.”
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I was so hesitant to take the bus as a freshman, but I loved every moment of it. There was always some event on the bus. From people arguing with one another to meeting new people from my high school, I was constantly entertained. One of my favorite things to do, on the bus, was sitting by myself, after a long day of school, and listening to my favorite music. 2pac, The Notorious B.I.G, or other popular 90’s rapper would always be playing, in my ear buds, whenever I was alone. This was one of the few places where I could ease my mind and distress, not having to worry about my rigorous course

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