Short Story: Beyond Silence

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Beyond Silence
“My Silence is just another word for my pain”.
If you’ve never been in this kind of life, I’m so sure you’ll never understand what I am feeling right now. So, if you’re just about to judge me and the way I am, I’m telling you earlier, drop this story and do not read the next statements. And to those who wears this kind of shoe, for those who’ve been through this life and for those who’s fascinated enough to unfold my story, be with me and I’ll tell you everything about me until the last page of this story. This will be the very first time that I will reveal my 3 years of silence.
It’s been three long years but it feels like it only happened yesterday.
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I tried to move numb body and open my eyes but everything around me is covered in blur. I could now feel something cold and wet in my face I moved my fingers to wipe it and realized I was soaked with my own blood. I found myself lost in a dreadful windy night lying down in a muddy swamp where my blood was spilled all over my body. When my sight was back, all I heard was the sound of swinging thick old trees and miserable dark leaves clashing fury threatening the bugs, birds small unknown creatures. I could hardly outline the shadows of the entire place where I am in. I tried to get up then I realized I wear nothing. I hugged my whole body crying in pain. There’s something hurting between my thighs. I took one step forward. It is wet and muddy. Two, three, four, five,- five steps and I can now feel the earth between my toes. The sharp sticks of fallen twigs cut my sole, it is a terrifying forest floor. I touched the leaves of the trees that I passed, there are bloods on it , few drops on my head… “Wait..where the hell am I?. Is anybody here? Heloooooooooo…….? And I realized I am the only one here lost and don’t know where to …show more content…
I am shaking in fright. Who is that? Is he back?
It is a man’s voice
“Move away don’t come closer or I’ll kill you.
‘Laurie it’s me Jae, don’t be scared , it took me an hour looking for you, I saw you run to this dangerous forest I tried to follow you but your running too fast”
I leaned closer and I realized she was wearing nothing.
“ What happened to you ?, What is with those bloods here cover your body we will get out of this place quickly, just
Tell me first what happened ??please Laurie who did this to you”
She just cried.
“Laurie please tell me and we will go the police station”
“ No! move away please!”
“But Laurie we need to get out of here”
“ Did you really want to know huh Jae? , will you not be disgusted about me if you know about it?. You want me to tell you reason why my life turned out to be a total miserable one. Would you believe me?”
“ Yes!, whatever it is. I’m still leaving in questions 3 long years, you didn’t give me any idea of what happened and why did you changed all of a

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