Short Note On The ' S Essay

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My iPhone 's speakers blared out, Brendan Urie 's voice filling every inch of my small bedroom. The bright light flashed, illuminating the dark room. I roll over to my side and without looking grabbed my phone and slid the green answer button. With a heavy sigh, I pulled the device up to my ear.
"Go," I muttered sleepily.
"Journey," Axel 's was rushed through the phone, "Journey, Journey, Journey."
"Axel?" I asked.
I sat up in my bed, the covers rushing around me like disturbed ocean waves. My golden retriever jumped up, alert, trying to figure out what was going on. I rubbed his head before I stood and shuffled over to the light switch. I flips the little white knob and the light felt like it was burning in my soul.
"Journey, oh my God Journey. Thank God you answered. They just, I don 't know, grabbed me and – and," Axel rushed and I only got a few snippets.
"Axel, calm down. Deep breaths, in and out," I said.
I heard him take in and let go three very deep breaths before I spoke again, my voice gentle.
"Now, where are you? What happened?" I asked softly.
He took in a gulp air before he answered me, slower this time.
"I 'm at the police station in Wilmington," he murmured.
My eyes widened.
"Axel, Wilmington? It 's an hour away from here; And a police station?"
"Look," he cut me off, "I have a few seconds left to talk. They are letting me off with a warning this time, but I need you to come get me."
"But...," I tried, but I heard the phone being passed on. Another voice…

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