Sexual Orientation : Gay Or Homosexual? Essay

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Sexual Orientation This day in age it is common to come into the company of someone who is gay or homosexual, but the question remains, how does one obtain this orientation? Can someone really be "born gay?" Many homosexual men and women argue this, but an individual cannot be born gay, there is no gene that is directly related to homosexuality. This is a very controversial topic that researchers have proven to be untrue and is proven by numerous experts and scientists who have conducted complex experiments and brought about many studies on the subject. The belief that one could be "born gay" is a completely misguided assumption. Becoming homosexual is something that comes with time and understanding. It is a choice that an individual makes. Stanton L. Jones, author of Same-Sex Science says, "We are told that homosexual persons are just as psychologically healthy as heterosexuals, that sexual orientation is biologically determined at birth, that sexual orientation cannot be changed and that the attempt to change it is necessarily harmful.... These claims are as misguided as the ridiculed belief of some social conservatives" (Jones). Jones clearly discourages the idea of a "gay gene". She explains that these claims are misguided, and she has found in her studies that homosexuality does not occur through genetics. In retrospect, every man and every women is born with the same sexual orientation, if they decide to change it later on, is their decision. Genetics cannot be…

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