Essay on Serving Customers

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Consumer behavior is seen as “the study of consumers and the processes they use to choose, use (consume), and dispose of products and services” (Friesner, T, 2014). It is important, as a marketer, “to understand the fundamental human drives which underpin human behaviour” (Kidd, A, no date). Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (see attachments) sets out a clear diagram of humans essential needs and wants, which offers marketers an insight into where they should focus their advertisements for maximum effect. In the past, larger organisations created products and then tried to persuade the consumer to purchase it. Now they find out what the consumer wants beforehand via extensive consumer research and then create products based on peoples wants …show more content…
Consumer’s perception of stimuli in the environment can happen at a conscious or subconscious level. HD uses a series of subliminal messages throughout the advert to emphasize the brand image. The characters, whilst talking, get changed into HD clothing. They do not mention this; they just subtly flash the HD logo. Despite many studies, no researchers have found sufficient evidence to prove that subliminal messaging works, however the constant repetition of the brand logo will cause it to stick in the consumers mind. While the characters are putting on the attire, they stop the talking and the music so the consumers mind focuses on the sound of the motorbike starting or the zipping up of the shoes.

Apples advert is a lot simpler in comparison to the HD advert, yet it still conveys a powerful message. “Contrast is one of the most attention-compelling attributes of a stimulus” (Schiffman, Kanuk and Hansen, 2012). The designers have used to the maximum contrast between the white background and the different colours iPod Nanos to attempt to break through the consumer’s perceptual screen. The iPods all have a different song playing on each screen; this along with the different colours emphasizes the fact that there is something for everyone so it targets a much wider audience.

People seek satisfaction; they want their needs and want to be satisfied. Until this happens they are

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