Serial Killers: The Zodiac Killer

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The zodiac killer is one of the most infamous serial killers of all time. What made him/her such an elusive killer is that he/she was able to stay one step ahead of the police throughout their entire killing sprees. This is intriguing because the true identity of the Zodiac killer has never been found. There was a lot of speculation throughout the Zodiacs reign and terror emitted on the city of San Francisco on who he/she truly was but there was never enough conclusive evidence to indict any one person. After watching the movie in class, we have compiled details from the Zodiacs behaviors and characteristics into a profile.
Some of the aspects in the possible profile that we came up with include: the 9milimeter luger from WWII, wind walker shoes, transparent fingertip gloves, he/she bought materials to make a bomb, and he/she mentioned not wanting to go to the gas chambers. These factors led us to believe that the Zodiac was previously enrolled in the military, specifically the air force branch. Although, we have come to the conclusion
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According to our notes, a serial killer often kills within his/her own race and therefore, it can be assumed that the Zodiac is white, given that all of his/her victims were of the same race. For example, in the scenario of the woman who got pulled over by the Zodiac for having a loose tire, the woman was able to make a positive ID of the Zodiac. Unbeknownst to the Zodiac when he pulled her over, was that she had a baby in the car and that is the reason why we suspect he/she allowed her to live. We suspect that the Zodiac may have been a father/mother or even had lost his/her own mother when he/she was young and didn’t want the child to go through the same trauma or suffering. Although he/she did not make this evident to the woman in the car, because he/she did not let her escape, she had to jump out of the moving

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