Harming And Intelligent Serial Killer: Ted Bundy

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“We serial killers are your sons, we are your husbands, we are everywhere” (“20 Famous”). Ted Bundy is notorious for being a charming and intelligent serial killer who would manipulate women and gain their trust so he would have the opportunity to kill them. In Bundy’s lifetime, he confessed to killing over twenty-five women. Several other cases were attributed to Ted Bundy after his death. Bundy killed these women in a very despicable way, almost like a machine or a wild beast. Understanding serial killer Ted Bundy involves understanding his complicated background, the events that caused him to become evil, and the time he spent behind bars.
Ted Bundy’s childhood was confusing for him because he spent the first few years of his life
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In primary school, he was known as a shy and introverted student. While in high school and college Ted was successful academically; however, he began to break into homes, shoplift, and engage in other criminal activities. During these years, Bundy would sneak out of his house late at night to peer into the windows of females in hopes of watching them undress. Ted Bundy graduated from high school in 1965. He was awarded a scholarship to the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, Washington, to study psychology. Ironically, he became a psychological assistant to the Seattle Crime Commission in Washington. Bundy later went to the University of Utah to study law (Lamar and Holmes).
During college, Bundy fell in love with a tall, dark-haired woman named Stephanie Brooks. She possessed all the qualities that Ted was looking for: wealth, beauty, and class. Bundy’s killing spree began after Brooks, his college girlfriend, broke his heart. Ted Bundy’s early victims resembled similar features of Stephanie Brooks because their break up completely devastated Bundy. In 1974, after the fall apart with Brooks, Ted officially began his life of
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On the fourth of January Ted’s first known victim is thought to be Joni Lenz, an eighteen-year-old girl, who was sexually assaulted and beat by him. Lenz survived, but was forever scarred from the horrific events. After that Bundy continued to kill many women in several states, including Washington, Utah, Oregon, Colorado, Idaho, and even Florida. Which is why Bundy is considered “one of the nation’s most grotesquely prolific serial killers.” (Lamar and Holmes).
Bundy was arrested numerous times for simply driving in a suspicious manner. The first-time Bundy was arrested for this was in Salt Lake City. A hair was found in his car that matched the hair of a woman who was rapped, battered and found dead in Colorado. While Ted Bundy was imprisoned to await trial, he charmed the wardens into allowing him to go to the law library where he prepared his own defense for trial. Once he got to the library, Bundy vanished from the securities views and escaped. However, eight days later he was captured in a deserted mountain cabin

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