Hedonistic And Characteristics Of Serial Killers

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Serial killers have many distinctive characteristics about themselves. The killer can be male or female. Arthur Shawcross is one of the famous male serial killers. Researchers study Arthur Shawcross in three areas: personality profile perspective, serial murder profile, and the serial killer’s seven rituals of murder. Criminal personality profile is identifying the offender’s characteristics and infers personality and physical traits based on the crime scene and victim interaction. Profiling is used to narrowing down list of suspect. This method cannot solve the case, but develops potential suspects and further investigative follow-up (Hadley, 2005). The profile seeks for the offender’s behaviors, psychological climate, and physical persona. …show more content…
Shawcross has some traits of mission-oriented serial killers. For example, his viticms are majority of prostitutes. Arthur Shawcross claimed “his mother 's voice told him to kill his victims” and helped him strangle and mutilate one of the victims. However, Dr. Park Dietz stated that Shawcross was faking mental illness to avoid prison (Associated Press, 2008). Therefore, he does not hears any voices or visions guiding him to kill other people. He commited sexual violent crime. Shawcross does has a few traits of a hedonistic. For example, he strives for pleasure and thrill. Researchers explained Shawcross gained a thrill feeling because he had advantage over the …show more content…
Aura phase is the killer withdraws from reality. For example, There was a small break after he murdered Annie Steffin. The break lasted for a short moment until he killed a homeless woman, Dorothy Keeler. Subsequently Shawcross killed several other women less than two years, he said “"once you kill…it 's easier…” (A&E Biography: Arthur Shawcross, 2005). Arthur Shawcross does not expressed any remorse or guilt for his actions. During Arthur Shawcross’s interview, he explained somehing “came over” that simply made him kill without thinking (Cater, 1995) Wooing phase phase is the victim is conned into the killer’s trap. Arthur Shawcross was skilled in having conversation with the prosititues about buying sex. Eventually, he led his victims to the Genesee River and murdered them.
Moreover, he tricked the prostitutes thinking it was a safe date because he was a regular customer. Totem phase is the reliving of the crime through souvenirs in order to sustain the high. State polices spotted Shawcross near a dead corpse who appear masturbating or urinating (Bovsun, 2014). In essence, he came back to the dead body to relive the feeling. Arthur Shawcross explained he put these particular events of killing his victims to the aside and forget about it. He resumes his activity

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