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The Atrocities of the Zodiac Killer What would you do if you were told that there were monsters out there? People just looking for someone to hurt? People that have turned into beasts? The Zodiac Killer was one of the many people who did not care who they hurt, but did it for the fun of it. As a result of all the crimes he committed, they must find him. The psychology and crimes of the Zodiac Killer were horrendous, therefore, and the search continues. The Zodiac Killer was an insane man who wanted everyone to know about his crimes. Zodiac sent coded messages to the media and threatened that if they did not post them he would kill more people (Haugen 29). The messages said that he enjoyed killing people, and the ones he killed would become his slaves in the afterlife (Haugen 32). Zodiac would call or send letters claiming to have been the killer (Haugen 37, 51). At first, Zodiac would mostly kill couples in isolated places (Haugen 63). It seemed Zodiac would pick his victims at random (FBI 1). …show more content…
He claimed to have killed thirty-seven total victims, but no proof was found (Karimi 1). It is known that on December 20th, 1968, Zodiac claimed his first known victims, David Faraday, and Betty Jensen (Terracciano 1). He fired seven shots into their car (Terracciano 1). Betty tried to escape, but Zodiac gunned her down (Terracciano 1). Looking back, police were able to find out that a total of ten shots were fired (Terracciano 1). It seemed that Zodiac was trying to force them out of their car during the attack (Terracciano 1). David Faraday and Betty Jensen both died from their wounds (Terracciano

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