Ted Bundy Motivation

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To be classified as serial killer there has to be three important considerations. “Other suggestions are that there must be a motivation, that this motivation tends to be sexual, that the killer will fantasize about the murder and finally, that the killing is premeditated. To eliminate other types of killings like terrorism or assassinations, the murder itself must be the primary motivator. Once serial murder is adequately defined, a deeper look can be taken into the life of the murderer” (Georgie Ann Weatherby, Danielle M. Buller, Katelyn McGinnis, 2009). Ted Bundy was a very interesting person to try to understand. He had a way of himself that others could only view as charming and having a sense of overwhelming confidence and intelligence.
Ted Bundy was born on November 24th, 1964 in
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At first his mother did not want anything to do with him so he started his life as his mother’s shame and regret. Eleanor was twenty-two years old and wasn’t married when she had Ted. During that era, to be a young, unwed mother with an illegitimate child was a social stigma no family wanted to face. (Williams, 2015). She gave birth to Ted in a home for single mothers in Vermont and soon after brought him to her family’s home in Philadelphia where she asked them to be his parents while she pretends to be his sister. Trust vs Mistrust really comes into play at this stage, Erik Erikson described this as “During this stage the infant is uncertain about the world in which they live. To resolve these feelings of uncertainty the infant looks towards their primary caregiver for stability and consistency of care” (Saul McLeod, 2008). If this trust is broken in later years it is as though everything the child knew beforehand was a lie. Any relationship the person will have in the future will always be hard due to not being able to trust that other person. Ted Bundy states himself, that the reason he was alone as a child

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