Reflection: My Writing As A Novice Student

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In the beginning of the semester I entered class as a novice student. I knew my writing was okay, but I wanted it to get better. I feel as though writing is the only way I can make people sit and listen to what I have to say. However If they are unable to fully grasp my ideas or emotions in my words then really I am just as silenced as I am when I speak. Coming into class I knew I had a way I was used to writing but I did not know if my writing was truly effective. How could I be effective if I am used to my ways and unable to conform to try something new? How would I be able to express myself without being to wordy? Well as the semester continued the professor showed me the way. At the start of essay one I ran into a rough patch. My weakness within writing has always been outlines. Due to struggles when I was in school I was taught a different way of writing then everyone else due to my weakness, so this was the method I was used to. I was scared to try anything else however the professor saw something in me that I was unable to see, because she wanted me to trust her and try. …show more content…
So I planned and carefully went through each step ensuring that I was following all guidelines. I know one of the problems I had the first time around was not getting to the point and being wordy as well as a few grammar issues which I wanted to make sure I took note of in essay two. I revised myself as well as used grammarly to help me with my problem areas. However after hearing feedback about my essay I was a bit uneasy because the changes I made due to grammarly contributed to my essay not maintaining balance and objective tone. This was a major let down because I felt without using the program I was able to have well organized paragraphs with good topic sentences but failed to do so on the next

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